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Welcome to North Adventure!

Norway's arctic wonderland holds breathtaking sights and rugged challenges all year round, from the endless summer days to the long winter nights. Located in Alta, the hub city of Norway's northernmost county, North Adventure connects tour groups with local activities and expert guides. Whether "adventure" means finding the perfect spot to hunt for the Northern Lights, or trekking through the forest on snowshoes, North Adventure will bring you right to the heart of one of the wildest places on Earth.

Cruise ship info From Cruise Ship to Land Adventure

North Adventure specializes in connecting cruise passengers to the local tour operators here in Alta and throughout Finnmark county. On the dock, on the bus or on-site at an attraction, we do whatever is needed to provide the smoothest possible experience for dispatching tours and guiding our guests. If you have cruise ship passengers who want to meet the arctic first-hand and up-close, North Adventure has the expertise you need. See our current list of tours!

Group excursions Tour Services for Travel Groups

If you are a tour agent with clients who want to explore Northern Norway, you've come to the right place. Tell us what your group requires and we can build a tour, arrange for transport and accommodation if needed, and provide guide services. Take a look at our tour ideas for larger groups.

Individual tours Tour Services for Individuals and Small Groups

Thinking about where to take your family for a holiday? Looking for a place to hold an offsite company outing? This time around, why not trade in that beach chair or boring urban conference center for some arctic excitement? Spend a winter's night in a hotel made entirely of ice... hike to a mountaintop at midnight, in summer's broad daylight... take control of a snowmobile or dogsled... whether you want relaxation or an endurance test, North Adventure can build your holiday. See what we can do to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Local guide services Local Guides, Local Knowledge

Our local tour guides span the range between "Altaværinger" - people who have lived here their whole lives - and people from around the world who now call Alta home. We speak a variety of languages in order to better host visitors from around the world. Learn more about our guiding services.

Photo gallery Photo Gallery - Smaller Than Real Life

It's hard to capture in a photo the wild beauty and magical energy you can find here... but we'll try! Visit our photo gallery to get a taste of what awaits our visitors.

Henriette og Tanja Meet the Folks at North Adventure

We'd love to meet you in person someday, but in the meantime, head over to our contact page and learn more about us. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you!

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Special information for our North Adventure tour guides
If you're a guide, be sure to log in and take a look at our updated info. If you don't have a password, ask Tanja!

What's the Weather?
Check the latest forecast at yr.no.

When is Sunset?
Depending on the season, it's somewhere between "never" and "never got as far as sunrise". See where we are now at timeanddate.com.

Where is Alta?
Pretty near the top of the world! See where we are on Google Maps.

What's it like right now?
See for yourself via this local webcam from Komsa hilltop.

What Time is it in Alta?
We're on Central European Time - but here's the current time if you don't feel like counting.

How deep is the harbor water?
Answers to this and many other technical questions about the harbor can be found in the current port information sheet.

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